Easy IAP (In App Purchase)

Simple way to monetize your app.

Step by step tutorial:

You want more technical details:

Key features:

  • Make in app purchases with minimal setup and very little programming knowledge.
  • Same code for all supported platforms.
  • Just import Easy IAP and add your product IDs and all is done.
  • Can be tested using Unity Editor.
  • Support for Consumable. Non-Consumable and Subscriptions.
  • Easy setup for in app products using a custom made Setttings Window.
  • Demo/Test scene included to be able to test your IAP products.
  • Works with Unity 5.3 and above and with Free, Plus or Pro versions of Unity.

Currently supported platforms:

  • Android (Google Play)
  • iOS (App Store)

Easy Product Setup from a Custom Editor Window: